Private Instruction

Instructor TrainingIf you have a terrible schedule, anxious, or do not want to deal with group classes, this is perfect for you.

Private certification starts at $599.00per person  We teach you in our pool, or come to yours.   We guarantee you to be comfortable in the water at the end of the session. We provide instruction for the nervous Nellie’s,  and the people who have impossible schedules – we will work around your schedule. Private instruction for refresher courses also. Either private or group.


How long will it take?  You do your on-line course, then pool time is performance d based averaging 3hrs, and 1.5 hrs in the class room.  2 Days in Monterey or you can do an Open Water referral program for $400.00

What will I need to purchase?

  • Online course before starting in the pool.     Mask, fins, snorkel, boots

Where can I go from here?

Open Water certification you can take the next step by completing in the ocean, either here or on vacation. If you’ve completed four total dives that include navigation underwater, The next step is the NASE Worldwide Open Water Diver certification.

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